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Hello Ernie,

We are in the process of appointing elders in our church.

We have short listed four brothers for the elder position.

Out of the four one lost his wife as she was ill and could not recover around five years back.

But she was in faith when she died and now his children are also in faith.

Now we have a doubt since his wife is not alive he is not qualified for the position.

Please clarify.


The language of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 is very clear on the qualifications of elders with regard to marriage.  He must be the husband of one wife.  The word "to be" is present active in these passages in a form that is current and ongoing.  So its not just that a man had to be married once to qualify, its that his current state must be "married" to one woman.  In my understanding, no matter what other qualifications the widower has, he is not currently qualified to be an elder because he is single, he is not currently the husband of one wife.

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