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Prince Bell wrote at 2015-08-03 00:50:29
I just want to interject this statement into the conversation. The issue surrounding the question can be summed up in the following Question..."How Often was Often?" According to the example in Scriptures, the Disciples came together to make preparations for the Passover feast and once at a specific time of the day to observe it. John 20:19 states that it was on the first day of the week in the evening. This is later confirmed in Acts 20:7 and 8. In these passages we are given to understand by their inference that it was evening when they assembled to observe what we acknowledge as The Communion... and Paul was preparing to depart the next day. There is no implication given that they left and returned. In the account of the Gospels, the Disciples assempled at a certain time then left, but did not return that day because Jesus was afterwards, taken by the Roman Soldiers. This is not to say that morning assembly is non-scriptural because the accounts in the Gospels let's us know that the day was spent making preparations for the evening event. We can make preparations throughout the Lord's Day leading up to the main event(so to speak)in the evening. As I have given in another response...the reason some Brethern have problems with this is because they are trying to cater to the people and not God. They mean no ill intent, but we must be guided by the Scriptures and not the dictates of our hearts. Paul encouraged the Church to follow the examples of the Apostles because they were directly guided by The Holy Spirit.- 2nd Thessalonians 2:15; 3:6. They established by example, just how often the "HOW OFTEN" was and we follow what they did. They were APOSTLES and we are not. Finally, please kept in mind that "HOW OFTEN" was pertaining "ONLY" to the taking of the Communion and it was not referencing the assembling of the Church. But, of course...that's a separate issue. I hope this helps to clarify this matter, but if anyone needs additional scriptural explanation, then please contact me at your earliest convenience. May God bless each of you and grant you peace in Christ Jesus.

Prince Bell wrote at 2015-08-03 00:59:55
One other point of clarification...please keep in mind the is "THE LORD'S DAY"... "NOT THE LORD"S HOUR". The entire day should be dedicated to remembering him through the preparation of song,prayer, reading of Holy Scriptures and not just the few hours we may assemble.

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