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you ouote 1 corinthians 11:24-25 as saying oft we come together. I'm not reading it that way. It reads as often as we eat and drink. could you explain. The bible said they came together on the first day that sounds to me as once.

Thankyou for your question Garry

 Concerning the "day" that we commence for the Lord Supper, you are correct in stating that we come together the first day of the week (Acts 20:7) as a church to partake in the Lord Supper.  But, is there any commandment from the Lord that it is ONLY supposed to be during the first (morning) service? Not that I can see from scripture, we know the day that we are to come together (first day of week) and we are to partake of the Lord's Supper on that day.  At the end of verse 25, Jesus states "as oft as" indicating that the apostles and early church may have come together more than just one time on the first day of the week.  When I look at 1 corinthians 11:24-25 I see that the purpose of the Lord's Supper was "in remembrance of Him" and when we partake of it, as oft as we do on the first day of the week, we do that in remembrance of Him.  Some churches have multiple services on Sunday (morning, mid-morning, night) in some cases to accomodate people who may need services at different times of the day.  So long as we partake the Lord Supper on the day which He said and for the purpose He stated "In remembrance of Him" we are keeping his commandments and we can do that "as oft as" we come together on the Lord's Day.

Thanks again for the question Garry, and for allowing me some time to go back and study this subject, I pray this helps you and me, to God by the glory.

Onaga Thomas

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