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QUESTION: second serving of the lords supper on sunday evening. Where in the bible can we find that.

ANSWER: Hi Garry, thanks for the question. I have not heard a lot of controversy over this issue. I don't know if I can answer your question to your satisfaction but I will try. I think we both agree the Lord's Supper is a command to be obeyed by Christians on the first day of the week. I have noticed as I have attended the worship services that the Lord's Supper is set out for the saints to part take as commanded by our Lord. I have also noticed that this "Supper" is not taken up and finished until the evening service has been completed. In this it could be said that there is not a second serving, but that the same "Supper" is still prepared a waiting for other saints that may have been hindered by something out of their control. I know that some will say that we are to "tarry" and wait until all are present. But at times that maybe impossible to do. I could see that first 3000 and then 5000 men at Jerusalem not being able to all come at the very same time. Chances are that they all did not attend at the same time. But I am sure they would all want to take the Lord's Supper when they did arrive. And I would not want to stand in front of a man and his family that arrived at the late or at the evening service and ask to obey a command that God gave for him and his family. I guess if he is 5 min. late we could allow him to obey, but if he is 6 hours late we will not allow him to be obedient and take remember the Lord's Passion. I would be very upset if I was told because I was late I would not be allowed to have communion. I believe we should concentrate on making sure all our brothers and sisters are on time to every service. But if by no fault of their own they are hindered I would allow them to obey God's command. I know my heart would be broken if I was turned away from the Lord's Table by my brother if I came in late and they refused to serve me the Lord's Supper. I hope I have helped answer your question. Please let me know if you need anything else. God bless our study and our family.
Dale Ferguson
Greenbrier, Tn.

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QUESTION: Thank you DALE:  My concern with the second serving is we are putting a stumbling block for are brothers and sisters that get up on sunday morning and don"t go to church knowing that they can take the lords supper that evening. Aren't we causing them to sin. Another reason I'm told by the preacher of my church that if I miss on sunday evening I am sinning. Where does It say we are to meet twice on sunday in the bible.

I understand what your saying about the need to get the brothers and sisters to worship on Sunday morning. This is where we need to take a stand, we need to Insist that the brother and sister who neglect Sunday morning because they are too lazy to get up and come the assembly of the saints. Again, we must insist that these brothers and sisters be on time to take the "Lord's Supper"! The leaders (Elders) have the God given right to announce a time for worship and when the saints "Must" be present to take the Lord's Supper. And if these brothers and sisters refuse to be on time. They should be punished for their tardiness. So maybe your concern can be overcome by having All attend worship on time. But what about those who have a genuine excuse to be late and miss the Lord's Supper? Maybe they had a sick child, car problems or a legitimate excuse. I believe in this case these brothers and sisters still have an obligation to obey the "Command" to take the Lord's Supper even if this is in the evening service. But I agree with you that if they choose to sleep and miss the Lord's Supper they should be disciplined for being constantly late for the morning service and this can include the church withdrawing fellowship because they refuse to attend promptly when worship is scheduled. Your concern about being required to attend evening service can be hard to take. But we are required to attend at anytime the leaders tell us to attend. This includes Sunday evening and Wednesdays or anytime. The (Elders) have the authority to tell us when to attend and this is at their digression. And as long as we can attend we are obligated to attend. We are to submit to these men as we do the Lord. I know this is hard sometimes, but this is God's Will. But thats another question, altogether. And I think it is easily understood if we submit to those who have charge of our souls. But to your first question, I believe if you or I where late for a reason out of our control we would still be required to remember the Lord by taking the "Lord's Supper". But if we choose to be lazy and lay in bed we need to be disciplined for being late, and if needed we should be put out of the assembly. But the Lord's Supper needs to remain during the First Day of the week, all day. And we want every  saint in good standing to be welcome to remember the Lord and obey His Command.
Thanks Garry, Look at the sermons I have at tube... Search Don Rudd or Foy E. Wallace and you maybe interested in some of this information. God Bless! Please ask anything else thats on your mind.
Dale Ferguson
Greenbrier, Tn

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