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Jesus died on Friday rested on Saturday rose on Sunday isn't it evident that Saturday would be the right day of worship in the bible Jesus worship on the Sabbath

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Jesus indeed would have worshiped on Saturday in the Temple and in the various synagogues. However, in the New Testament, the disciples met on Sundays, when any day is specifically mentioned. We are also told that they met daily in the Temple and from house to house. Since God made the entire world, it is likely that any day could be used to worship Him without violating a requirement for a specific day. Since the early disciples met on Sunday, and Paul even acknowledges waiting to meet with them, and preaching to them on Sunday.

Because Jesus was raised on Sunday, and the early disciples met, preached, collected monies, and broke bread on that day, Sunday is an acceptable day for worship. Jesus appeared to the disciples on Sunday, and even broke bread with the two Emaus travelers Sunday afternoon. However, every day is also appropriate for worship.

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