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Can one get rebaptize and what grounds do you get rebaptize

Acts 2:38 states that baptism is for the purpose of remitting ones sins. If you do not get in the water for this purpose, you were not baptized in the Biblical sense of the word. You simply got wet. If one feels they did not know why they did it, or if they did it for the wrong reason (such as to please a mate), they should be baptized. "Rebaptism" is a misnomer based upon a false precept: to wit, any religious getting wet is baptism. They would simply be getting baptized for the very first time.

Romans 6:3-4 states that baptism is a burial with Christ. It is where the dead man of sin is shed and newness of life (being born again) occurs. If someone tries to bury a corpse by standing it in a corner and tossing a few grains of sand on head, is has never been buried in the first place. To bury it would be to do so for the first time. Likewise with baptism. If someone throws only a few drops of water on the head of the candidate, they have not been baptized. They do not need "rebaptism." They simply still need baptism.

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I consider myself to be a "doctrine specialist" if there is such a thing. I offer scripture to support or refute (as needed) any doctrine practiced within what is commonly termed "Christianity" today. I am willing to try questions on prophecy and history, though they are weak points. I have learned a little, however. Also, as I am disabled, I have time to research many things. For example, I can find a congregation of the church within twenty miles of your ZIP Code if one exists. If traveling, I can locate a congregation for your visit. I am accountable in this ministry to a group of Christians. I will share my answers with them for review. If a question is private, I will redact the names for privacy.


I became a Christian on April 7, 1969. I have been a substitute, spur-of-the-moment preacher for thirty years. My last pulpit was with the congregation in Braswell, GA. My sermons have always contained at least fifty percent scripture. On occasion, I have preached in seven states, and four foreign nations. This is beside my online ministry. I am now, officially retired.

I hope to never mislead anyone saying I'm a member of one group, when I'm really in another as one here does. By his own admission, he isn't a member of the church, but of the "Christian Church" (sic) denomination. If I can be honest, I don't know why others would want to lie.

Having already acquired significant Bible education from self-study, I attended 1.5 years of Bible college through the church at Dyersburg, TN (before my health waned) in an attempt to get paper to say I know what I know.

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