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What is the responsibility of a dad that has step kids is it his full responsibility to take care of them even though you have no authority to correct them scriptures would be nice or reference from some books

Not much, if any, is said in the Bible regarding the matter. The ideal is for all to stay married, and there would be no step-kids. This makes a grey area, with much room for opinion. I am afraid that is all I can give.

Here is what I see. A man (or woman) agrees to take the job of spouse for the other parent. If legitimate, that makes him/her one flesh with the parent as surely as if he/she was the other birth parent. You become responsible for the other portions of the needs of the child, e.g., food, clothing, and shelter. It is impossible to have responsibility without authority. This is covered in about any leadership course you may take. I believe the step-parent should have full and equal authority over a child as that of a natural parent.

With that said, it is opinion and a grey area. I see a need, also, to discuss this before marriage; just as you would discuss finances.

From my perspective, if you pre-discuss all of the areas that commonly produce problems in a marriage, you are less likely to have problems when the circumstances arise. You are not caught by surprise with the way the other reacts.

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