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the kjv uses put way nkjv uses divorce in matthew 5:31-32 which version is right.

Hi Garry,

There was a short period of time when some had convinced me that the correct understanding of the word "apoluo" is "put away" and they further convinced me that this was not speaking of a full divorce but only of a separation. I no longer believe they are correct. My reasons are: The Pharisees were testing Jesus on the Law of Moses and they specifically asked if a man can divorce his wife for any reason. They were not asking about putting away without the certificate of divorce so it makes no sense that Jesus would try speak about separation when He was asked about divorce. Also, I was shown that there have been times when the word "apoluo" was used in ancient writings of that time period and it clearly referred to full divorce. So there is no evidence to support the belief that "apoluo" never can mean full divorce. So to answer your question, it is more accurate to translate it as divorce.

In Christian Love, Joe Norman

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