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Prince Bell wrote at 2015-08-03 13:14:22
The problem with using Greek to explain something is that like many words today, many words in Greek tend to have a double connotation (two or more meanings). To determine which meaning is correct, one should consider the context in which it is used in a particular text or statement. For example; "APOULO" can mean separation, but it also indicates "TIES SEVERED ALTOGETHER"(Divorce). The same is true for the Greek word "APOSTASION" which some use to mean "DIVORCE", but it to, can mean or imply "SEPARATION". So how do we determine which usage is correct? It is only by examining the "CONTEXT" of the statement being made that its true meaning becomes very clear. I Matthew 5:31,32... Jesus addresses the question of "DIVORCE" and "NOT SEPARATION". Regardless of the Greek Term specified...the "CONTEXT" of the statement is speaking on "DIVORCE ONLY" and not anything else. Therefore, whether the term being used is "APOULO" which could mean either or...or "APOSTASION" which also could mean either or... the statement given by Jesus in its proper context simply uses these terms to mean "DIVORCE", for at that time there was no "WRIT OF SEPARATION " given. One would just simply dismiss the person just as was done to Hagar regarding Abraham and Sarah. However, in order to "SEVERE ALL TIES" with that person, a "WRIT OF DIVORCEMENT" was required. So regardless of the translation "KJV" or "NKJV" it is stated (regardless of the term used), both are the correct usage of what Jesus was speaking about. I hope this helps. May God grant peace and blessings upon each of you.

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