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I am having trouble understanding what many are telling me. Friends say that I need to put away years of food for the coming problems we are about to face. Is God going to bring an end to this country as we know it and put us back 1 100 or more years? Should I b making plans to either store up supplies for coming judgement or will we meet Jesus in the sky when He returns? I can't understand the Church of Christ's stand, seems everyone has a different answer.
Thank-you for your time,In His love,

Hello Jai,

I am not aware of anyone within the churches of Christ that teach anything about putting away years of food in order to prepare for the coming problems we are about to face. Considering each local congregation is independent and autonomous and we have no headquarters or any book of creeds or official church of Christ doctrines, there will be some differences between local churches and even from individual to individual but the majority of the churches of Christ do not teach anything about a tribulation or earthly war between Jesus and His followers and Satan and his followers. We do not believe in nor do we teach that there will be an earthly Reign of Jesus as King for a thousand years.

In fact, we teach that the book of Revelation was most all about the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

There is nothing in Scripture to indicate anything like what you describe in your question to me either. This doesn't mean that the United States of America will not fall in power and be taken over at some point in the future, though. There is just nothing to warn us of it or when it will be or even if it will happen at all. There are Mormons who believe and teach about keeping a long-term supply of food at all times. There are others who claim to be Christian that teach similar things...but the Bible does not teach anything about something like this happening nor does it instruct us to store up food or supplies or anything for some major future turmoil on earth. When Christ Jesus does return, it will be only to divide the good from the evil and take His followers to Heaven and send the rest to Hell. All of Creation will be destroyed by God with fire in the blink of an eye. All planets and everything that exists will be destroyed.

We don't have an official position though because we do not have creeds or doctrines for all to follow. We only have the Bible to guide us and each individual is responsible for studying it and understanding it.

I do hope that I have helped you some.

In Christian Love, Joe Norman

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I am the 4th generation in my family to be a faithful member of the church of Christ. I was raised by a preacher and have studied the Bible everyday since I was twelve. I am 45 yrs old now. I am not a "scholar", but I am very familiar with the scriptures.

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