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Prince Bell wrote at 2015-07-30 18:58:32
Dear Phillip,

The answer to your question is not complicated when we understand that the Holy Scriptures teaches us to obey God rather than man. Jesus himself stated that men made the word of God of no effect simply by their traditions-MARK 7:13. The Apostle Paul encouraged the church to follow the traditions THEY set, because these were guided by the Holy Spirit. Now consider how the communion started. Jesus himself initiated it and upon his resurrection, he told them to observe whatever he commanded them to do...this also entails how a thing is to be done, as well as the when. Upon close examination of the Scriptures, the Disciples came together on the first day of the week in the evening- JOHN 20:19. Notice also that Jesus grew up under the Law Of Moses, but did not die under it for he said while on the cross, "It is finished". Therefore, the brethern were not coming together in the evening based on the old Passover requirements, but were merely continuing what Jesus had started, when he started it and how it was performed. This observance continued on during the inception of the Church in Acts chapter 2:42 and again is mentioned in the 20th chapter and verse 7. Verse 7 is often quoted while the very next verse is often ignored. Verse 8 states,"And there were many lights in the upper chamber where they were gathered together". The phrase the Holy Spirit used, "MANY LIGHTS", lets us know that the inference here in this passage of scripture is a description of the part of the day they were assembled. It was during the dark hours of the day...for candles and oil at that time were a very  precious commodity and were not to be wasted. Burning them for light was only during evening hours or at night. The reason many  Brethern today have problems with what these Scriptures obviously imply, is because they are catering to the convenience of the people and not considering God's Holy Word. I realize that many mean well and are not intentionally trying to violate Scripture. However, we have been called to a life of Sacrifice, not Convenience-Romans 12:1,2. Finally, to those of whom have truly comitted themselves to Christ, will not find it a burden to come back in the evening and observe the Communion as did the Apostles and the Early Church. You may also reference the Jewish Historian Josephus and Ignatius who documented historically that these Early Believers met during the evening hours or i.e., at night. I hope this helps to clarify this issue and encourage all to perform an indepth study on the matter, using many historical resources available to us, as well as The Holy Scriptures. I wish all much Love and Spiritual Blessing in our Lord Jesus The Christ.

Prince Bell 2 wrote at 2015-07-31 13:02:10
Dear Phillip,

Just to give a final clarification regarding your question so it will be perfectly clear what the Holy Scriptures are telling us in reference to the COMMUNION (not The Lord's incorporated meat on the table and bitter herbs)for this is its designation in the Church Era-1st CORINTHIANS 10:16,17; 11:20. I will ask only 4 simple questions. For the sake of the discussion, let's say it is the Lord's Supper we are observing. Well that begs the question which has an obvious answer and the question is this..."WHEN IS SUPPER TIME? In the Morning?, Afternoon, or EVENING? It is not called, "THE LORD"S BREAKFAST...nor is it called, "THE LORD"S BRUNCH or LUNCH". Even today, we recognize "SUPPER" as an evening meal and not a meal eaten in the daytime. Words mean something and we should always pay attention to the words. Again, I leave you all with the peace and blessings of our Lord Jesus The Christ.

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