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QUESTION: Hello i just bought this demeneralized water/battery for my humidor, it has pH 6.0 - 7.0 bu ti  t it also shows SG 1000 that i dont know what is it. is it ok if i use it? cause i like to keep my cigar 75-80 % humidity , i have a this solution but its says it keeps it within 70% humidity which i think its bit dry for me. and also when i used this solution on the humidor, at the end it converts in this type of thick silicone paste , please need your advice thank you!!!

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ANSWER: Tell me more what kind of humidor?
What kind of device?
How big is the humidor?
How many cigars?

Picture if you can?

If you like your cigars at this humidity 75 to 80% RH you cannot keep them a long time. Buy only a few months worth because they will start to fall apart or get moldy at this RH.

In any electronic humidity device use only distilled water.
But you must keep it at 70% RH or you are asking for trouble.
Maybe 73% RH but keep them cool - around 70 degrees to avoid problems.

Sen a pic on here or send a pic to


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humidor and cigars
humidor and cigars  

QUESTION: Hey mike thanks for you fast respond!!!!, here im going to send you pictures of my humidor and accesories. i think it will be fine if i can keep it 70%-72% humidity. any suggestion let me know. and help me regain the humidity of my box cause ive been working on it for a week and the humidity percentage dosent go up as fast! my humidor holds around 100 cigars as you can see. should i take out the cigars from the tube?


ps1- only could attached 2 pics


The humidity device is inadequate.
You need 4 in a box this size or put 4 Boveda 72% pillows on each shelve.
Oh by the way if you use Boveda you can use a higher humidity like 75% because with these pillows in there mold will not grow. Please try to keep it cool also because the pillows are not fail proof.

Mix the propylene glycol about 60% distilled water. That should cut it down and keep the mold inhibitor active.

Too many cigars packed to full gives you uneven humidification.
With shelves you need Boveda pillows on each shelve.
72% Boveda

So in the final
I say for you, use 4 - 75% Boveda spread out on each shelve and 2 at least on each level.
Mix the chemical according to my instructions and you can use the other device also, 1 only.

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