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Cigars/temperature swings when storing


Hello, I have a medium cabinet humidor with an active humidification system that works great. Had it for years now. 100's of cigars stored. My question is; come winter time at night I turn off the heat in the house. The temperature between day and night swings maybe 5 to 8 degrees every 24 hour cycle now till spring...70 day and 62, 64 at night, etc. Humidity stays constant, 67.5  Is this bad for the cigars?
I read your column a lot and thank you for your reply.


Thanks for the nice comments. While the temperature in the house varies 5-8 degrees, it probably varies a lot less than that inside the humidor. Even so, a few degrees of temperature change is not going to affect the humidity level enough that you'll even notice the difference. I do something similar with our ranch house - in the summer I turn the a/c up to 78 while I'm not there and down to 72 when we're staying there. The house will be at 78 for a week or 2, and then cool down to 72 for a few days. I've never seen this have any impact on my cigars. I don't think you have anything to be concerned about.

Let me know if you have any other questions - it's nice to know someone reads these things!


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