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Cigars/hygrometers, in or out?


Is it best to have an interior mount hygrometer or a front view? What are the arguments for both?

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The front view is analog and notoriously inaccurate.
The common boxes for a few hundred dollars and less that I have sold have what I call “Joke Hygrometers”. Companies think that most people will smoke their cigars before they notice that the hygrometers are not accurate.
Then is the seal right? I have seen many humidors where I have to fight with the hygrometer to get it in the slot. Many are not sealed properly and those are the reasons I do not sell these boxes anymore.
If you really care and keep your cigars a long time then you must have a good digital hygrometer. To read the proper humidity it has to be on the cigars. Right on the cigars because that is where you want to know if the humidity reading is accurate.
Some expensive humidors have a digital front view hygrometer and that could be your choice.  


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