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I am ready to make an investment in a quality humidor but I don't want to have to have to spend the $600 I see on the sites make that them to order (and I don't believe I should have to).  Can you recommend a model or site or manufacturer that makes a quality humidor that I can count on?  Thank you for your help.

Relate the price of the box to the commitment on the humidor - if you mean to store a lot of cigars for a long time you must have a better box.
Just 25 or 50 cigars for a few months use and these inexpensive boxes are perfect. is a site with a mixed bag of many worthless humidors but I carry one I see on there.
The Deauville Tobacco Leaf Cigar Humidor $96
You have to take out the shelve and throw it away as it traps humidity on the top.
You need to upgrade the humidification and hygrometer.

Get the better humidification, they have a special-
Buy a Crystal 250 Humidifier, get a HygroSet Super Accurate Digital Hygrometer FREE
Get the 50/50 solution and cut it with an even amount of distilled water to come close to my proprietary blend.

If you buy a real box like a Vigilant you get a box that will last for generations.
And it comes with all the right equipment to begin.

I sell this Deauville with all the upgraded equipment for $125
Sorry I will not have stock for Christmas to sell online perhaps after Christmas if you like this option. I have to maintain inventory for my in-store customers as that is the mainstay of my business especially at Christmas.



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