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Mr. Finck,

I own two 100 count and one 500 count desktop humidors.  I have successfully been able to regulate the humidity level in the units, however I live in Yuma, AZ where it is much too hot for proper cigar storage in the summer and a little too cold in the winter.  My current routine is storing the units in a dark cool closet during the summer and in an open room that stays a little warmer during the winter months.  I was wondering if you could recommend any reasonably priced ($25-$75) after-market temperature regulation products that I could add to my humidors.  I don't mind making minor modifications to the humidors to add more equipment but I would prefer more of a "plug and play" option.  Can you provide some guidance?  Thanks and have a great day.


I understand your issue and have had several questions related to this topic. Unfortunately, I don't know of any after market temperature regulation products that can be added to existing humidors. There are electronically controlled humidors that have refrigeration units in them, but these humidors sell for $2k and up. I wish someone would come up with an economical alternative, but I don't think there is any easy way to cool or heat a humidor. I'm sorry I can't offer a good solution, I think what you are doing now is your best option.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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