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I have come across an H Upmann humidor via church auction.  Said item has eluded me when searching on the internet.  I have found results of a similar humidor (Upmann 2000) but none that match the one I personally have.  Was wondering what you tell me about this and if you could attach any valuation to such.  I believe its 15" long, 9 3/4" wide, and ~ 4 1/2 - 5 " tall.  Thank you for addressing my issue.

A humidor that originally came stocked with cigars - around late 1990's
Value $100 to $150 new
It came free filled with cigars.
So if you bought - to the best of my memory - 5 boxes of H Upman, you got a free humidor.
Same deal came with Romeo y Juliet, Montecristo and more.



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