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Hi Bill.....I am interested to know your opinion as the best quality electronic humidification system for my end table style humidor (500-700 capacity).  I am not so much concerned with cost as I am quality.  I currently use the Heartfelt beads which are great but my concern is the dryer winter months where I live.  I am spritzing the beads more than I want to (or remember to), so I really want a quality “set it and forget it” unit.  Thanks for your input.


So sorry to be so long in responding. I took a few days off for the Thanksgiving holidays and forgot to set "vacation days" on this site.

I've had great success with the Cigar Oasis electronic humidifiers. I keep one in my humidor at the ranch where it gets little attention, and it maintains my cigars perfectly. I've had the same unit in the humidor for several years with no problems. They come with a large reservoir, so there is much less than normal filling, and they have an optional alarm that can be set to let you know when the water level is low.

A Cigar Oasis XL Plus is supposed to maintain up to 10 cubic feet and should be sufficient for your humidor. There is a larger unit, the IIXL, but I honestly think that would be overkill. You can read about them at If you need one, we offer the XL Plus for $138.95 on our site

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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