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what can i drink that enhances the flavor and enjoyment of my cigars?

Anything that has a sweetness element to it will do......many have preference to alcoholic drinks like wine, port, whiskey, liqueurs and rum. It is very subjective to the individual. I suggest that you try nonalcoholic drinks like juices or soda too. The best juices to use are apple, cranberry and grape juices. The best suited sodas are Rootbeer or cream soda......a vast majority of cigar puffers also enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a cigar.......drinks that traditionally do not match up with cigars are milk,  water, orange juice. However, it's subjective to the person enjoying and there maybe someone out there that likes the latter. The contrasting or paralleling compliments with a cigar can  really add some depth and enhance your puffing pleasures.

I hope this helps.


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