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QUESTION: I have a box of that has A Seal of the President of the United States. It contains 12 Double Corona Cigars from the Pacific Cigar Company It is a very pretty wooden box. The cigars are in clear looking plastic protectors.I would like to know what they are worth?
I hope you can help me

Presidential Cigar
Presidential Cigar  
ANSWER: You probably have the real thing. If there is a bit of embossment on the cigar bands you most likely have the real item. They are rarely counterfeited.They traditionally sell for $20.00 on Ebay or any trading site. $20 a piece if they are in perfect condition, though a serious collector would want a sealed box with a story on how you were so lucky to have received such a prize. The fact that you have a box is a bonus. The box probably had 25 cigars originally. The cigars are going to be a milder blend with a Connecticut you know what date the cigars were released or purchased? If the cellophane is yellowed or darkened, then they have been aging for a while.
If the box is a traditional cigar box with he seal, it mat fetch up to $100 for the empty box.....I have seen some Presidential Cigars actually come with a Presidential humidor with a glass lid.

Leave the cellophane on. Go to your local tobacconist and purchase a self  regulated humibag. Fuente and XIKAR  makes one that I suggest. I would not settle for an alternative brand. Place your cigars in the humibag for a month to six weeks. That is how long dried up cigars take to come back to normal....assuming that your cigars are dried up.

I hope this helps you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The box was given to a friend of mine by President George Bush. My friend went to the white house to meet the President 8 years ago. My friend doesn't smoke so he gave them to me because he knew I collect things. It was given to him with 12 cigars. Is there a way I could send you a picture?

Yes, I would like to see the box or package it came in. I would also like you to take a few pics of the cigars too. My email address is

Afterwards, keep the communication on this site for future researchers to view.

I would assume that you need to buy one of those humibags I suggested. The sooner the better.


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