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This is a follow up to the Zippo questions you answered in the past several days. In checking on the stamping on the insert as you suggested, it appears there is a letter "J" followed by a single "\". This is right between the words "Zippo Mfg. Co. Bradford, Pa." and the words "Made in Zippo USA". After the word Zippo in the last line there is a circle with the small letter "R" inside. Does this help to date the lighter and possibly change it's value?

Thanks again.


No it does not change the value
Still $10

It would have to be 1950's to be worth anything $20 to $40
1940's $100 or more


And J is the month so October 1981

so anyway -
Sorry it does not have a design on it sometimes the crazier the better.
I have a collection of a thousand Zippos.
I pulled out some duplicates in 2011 to sell to pay some bills. They were weird Indian designs from the 1990's. Kind of like ancient American Indian cave drawings on a Zippo. Original price around $20 and they went for $80 on Ebay!
The plain designs do not have much value though as collectibles.


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