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I have a Flor De Addison cigar box when opened says 2 for 5 cents with the Flor De Addison Logo of a man with a white wig and signature stamped Joseph Addison - Havana Filled.  On the bottom of the box it is stamped Factory No.212 18th Dist Ohio and there is a green label on the side that has the number 50 on it, can you provide me with some history.  Thanks for your help.

Image of label 1
Image of label 1  

Image of label 2
Image of label 2  
This brand started making cigars in Ohio in the late 1890's. it was cuban filler but the wrapper and binder is not known. The box you have was likely made in the late 1890's. The JC Newman Cigar Company used to make that brand. They moved the operation to Tampa, Florida  and still made the brand in Tampa. The Tampa Bay Area was the cigar Capitol of he world for many years. Cigar factories popped up all over the Eastern US near he turn of the century (1900), yet Tampa had overwhelming majority of the cigar production.....the brand trademark expired in 2007. JC Newman is still in operation in Ybor City, FL. They are currently the oldest family owned cigar company in the USA.
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