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I am currently using the Gurkha special ops plastic case (basically a cigar caddy) as my humidor.  I know this is not the traditional way to store cigars.  Are there any ill effects from storing them this way?  It has a knob on the front so that I can open it. It seems to be so I can let fresh air in.  should I leave this slightly open at all times so that it functions as a regular humidor?  I am also intending to get Spanish cedar and place in this box after I can determine if this is a good way to store cigars.

Also, I read somewhere, on relation to Temp/humidity mix, that the school of thought has changed.  That now 70 humidity is ideal regardless of temperature. Is that true in your opinion?  my cigars are currently at 70 humidity and 75 temp, is that a problem? What are the negatives that I should watch for?

Thank you for your time.

First this case must be used with a Boveda 69% that will keep the cigars fresh for up to 10 months no maintenance.
The knob on the front is to release pressure so you can open the case after a flight.

Put Spanish cedar in the case.

Do not worry about humidity at home that is for the stores or experts. Humidity changes with temperature. At 65 degrees you need 73% humidity to be 70% humidity in the cigars. Higher temperature - lower humidity, but at higher temperature the worst thing is mold growth.
Since the hygrometer you have is not that accurate unless you spend $150, between maybe 67% and 73% is OK and as close as you can get to 70 degrees is fine.

Relate the value of your investment in cigars to the storage unit.
If you intend to have a lot of cigars and money invested you must spend more on a storage facility.



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