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I am currently keeping my cigars at 75 degrees with several 69 boveda packs.  Is this okay?

Its very important that you understand that temperature and humidity are completely different conditions, however both are important. First you must realize that the Boveda packs provide relative humidity; that particular one is rated at 69% which is good. Generally, the suggested humidity level is 70%. I suggest 67% to 70% humidity. I do not suggest going higher because too high of humidity could ruin your cigars permanently and the cigars will not perform well in taste and burn..........The temperature of 75 degrees is satisfactory, but 70 is ideal. 80 degrees is too warm for the cigars.....I also would like to add that it is important to keep your humidor at least half full. The company of groupings of cigars help keep a steady consistent climate along with the apparatus that provides humidity. If there is only one or two cigars, it could lack a steady climate that can go up and down too frequently, and that can cause damage to the wrappers of the cigars from contraction and/or expansion....The Boveda packs are a temporary solution.....Consult your tobacconist on a better more permanent humidification system that you can purchase and be sure to use a reputable humidor brand. Many humidors that are purchased on line do not cut it and are not truly suitable for long term cigar storage.....I hope this answers your question....Long ashes and cool burns!  


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