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I just acquired many Meerschaum pipes. At least I was told that is what they are. They are from the 1980's, were imported from Turkey and the "Why Buy Meerschaum" pamphlets are with them. I have included two pictures as that is all that I am allowed. There is one large pipe that you can see in the pictures and the rest of the pipes are all in large cases like that one shown in the picture. I believe the faces are carved out of meerschaum. I don't know anything about pipes so I have many questions. Do you think these are real meerschaum pipes? Do you believe that they are from the 1980's? Were these types of pipes suppose to be signed?  I have 37 different pipes all in new condition, do you think they have any value? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time,

Meershcuam pipes 1980s definitely by the style and the stems.

They look pretty nice, the long one you might get $100 or more.

The set looks nice from the pics so perhaps $50 a pipe unless they are significantly larger than they appear.

These pipes are commonly not signed as they do not appear to be top quality. For instance on the Bacchus - the beard is not perfect the eyes are pressed in with a tool and the grapes are made with a tool that makes them. The top quality stuff is by studied artists and looks like a real face down to the perfect teeth shape of the face beard and eyes.

Also on the long stem the beads are done with a tool that makes the round designs and the flower like designs. The best pipes are all done by hand.

I enjoyed many trips to Turkey in the 1980s to buy Meerschaum pipes. Many of these orange and yellow stems I would have changed to more expensive stems here in the USA by an expert stem repair guy. Do not change them today as some collector might find that an integral part of his bid on these pipes. Keep them original for the best value.

Perhaps today they are not worth that much but in 100 years the original cases and stems could increase the value ten fold.

Hope this is of help


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