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Yesterday I bough a very nice but also very expensive Elie Bleu humidor (75 cigares Flor de Alba sycomore rouge). I was just wondering: after pouring water over the humidifier and placing it back into the box, how long should I wait for the hygrometer to show 75% humidity?

Mine is stuck at 45%! And I am kind of worried!

I really appreciate your help, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


ANSWER: You must use propylene glycol solution in the humidor to inhibit the growth of mold.
Buy the generic humidor solution on the market and cut in half with Distilled water to come close to my solution - Mikes Solution 70%, then use that only every few weeks.

Use this solution to fill the humidification device, put all the cigars in the humidor and trust that this legendary humidor will do the job.
Also the hygrometer is not accurate; an accurate hygrometer cost $150.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Mike,

And thanks a lot for your rapid reply to my question.
I live in Tokyo, Japan! Today I tried to find the Propylene Glycol solution that you mention in quite a few cigar shops over here, but unfortunately nobody in the shops had ever heard about this solution!
My humidor is completely new, and theoretically it should not have any mold related problems just yet. Wouldn’t you agree?
The problem is that the hygrometer's hand was first stuck at 45%. When I gave it a flick, it made a sudden move to 60%, and after a few hours when I gave it another flick it moved to 65%!! It seems that the hygrometer doesn’t work properly! This really irritates me because I paid about 3K USD for this humidor.
Have you ever come across such a problem? What should I do? Can the hygrometer be replaced with a new one? If I put a glass of water inside the box, wouldn’t then be natural to read a high value of humidity after a few hours?

Thanks in advance

ANSWER: What kind of cigar stores do you have there that do not carry humidor solution with glycol? Do they have Boveda devices? These formulas are used through out the world to keep cigars fresh.

What a scam the humidors are

I have been in the business for 35 years and have seen many at any price that do not work.
A cigar without Propylene glycol is like a day with out sunshine.
Or rather a radiator without antifreeze - sure you can use water in a car radiator but eventually rust will form and antifreeze inhibits the growth of rust.
The same in a humidor - Propylene Glycol used in small percentages inhibits the growth of mold that you will surely see over the years if you do not use it.

An accurate hygrometer seems to be a problem with a humidor as an accurate one costs $150 and are typically larger than would be functional in a small humidor.
I have 2 - $150 digital hygrometers and they are still off each other by small percentages.

So get a $30 digital online and as long as it is somewhere close to 70% you are OK.
Order Humidor solution with Glycol online then cut it with 50% more distilled water to come close to ideal glycol percentage.
I should have mine online soon.

Forget the bowl of water.

So considering that this humidor is one of the best, depend on the maker to give you the right humidification device – fill it with the solution as I stated – put in your cigars and fill the device every few weeks.
Let me know what happens to trouble shoot.
If you want to be triple sure order 2 boveda 72% pillows to put in also to make extra sure.

Mike Paradise Cigars humidors on you tube

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again Mike,

Thanks a lot for the advice. I just ordered the humidor solution with glycol online.

Just one last question: do you know whether the hygrometer in my Elie Bleu humidor box is easily removable/replaceable or not?  The humidifier device is attached by magnets and can be easily removed. The hygrometer however seems to be glued to the box (?!),is it? If not, how do I remove it?

I even called Elie Bleu in Paris earlier today, but nobody over there could/would speak English!


I have heard that the French speak English but just refuse to.
Or in this case hide behind the lack of understanding.

It is probably glued in so leave it for looks.

Get a reasonably priced digital online and put it on the back wall of the box or on top of your cigars as that is where you want to know the humidity.
Or put it behind your cigars and every now and then on top of the cigars just to check.

Sorry for the low industry standard with hygrometers.
I will bring it up with Bleu and some manufacturers of hygrometers to better there quality.



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