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Hey Mr. Yee,

 Thanks for all the good advice concerning polymer crystals for humidification. I would like to ask you about ordering Cuban cigars online. Since I live in the US, I was wondering if having Cuban cigars shipped here was possible? What are some reliable sites that offer genuine Cuban cigars and ship to the US? And will there be any trouble with US customs with the shipment? Finally, how can I be sure the Cuban cigars are authentic?

Hi Joe,

Yes, some reputable Cuban cigar retailers do ship Cuban cigars to the United States and to pass customs, they may alter your order by removing the original box and cigar bands from your cigars. Not all Cuban cigar retailers ship to the United States and those that do, have different policies on how they handle US orders so before ordering, it's best that you contact the retailer and inquire as to whether or not they ship to the United States.

All current Cuban cigar boxes produced after 2009 features a glossy warranty label affixed to the exterior of the box; replacing the older paper warranty label. This new label features a holographic strip, a barcode with a serial number and other security features such as micro-printing. The serial number is unique to each box and can be entered on Habanos' official website ( to verify authenticity. If the box is not genuine, the website will inform you that the number is not valid. As always, you should never purchase any boxes if the serial number is not valid.

When purchasing cigars, it's always important to purchase Cuban cigars packaged with this newer warranty label and always purchase from a Habanos-approved retailer. A list of approved Habanos distributors can be viewed from Habanos' website and on the distributor's website, you can view a list of authorized retailers that the distributor supplies. (If the distributor does not have a website listed, you can contact them through their contact info and inquire via email or telephone.)

In regards to mailorder websites, I do not discuss or endorse any mailorder websites so you will need to find a retailer on your own. You should visit various cigar message boards and forums and research which online retailers are reputable.  Because you are located in the United States, it is always hard to find a reputable retailer or risk having your cigars confiscated by customs so my suggestion is that you purchase Cuban cigars if and when you travel abroad or ask friends and family to purchase cigars for you when they travel. As always, you should always purchase reputable Habanos retailers such as La Casa Del Habanos (LCDH) stores.

I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to just ask and I will be happy to help.

Good luck with your search.



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