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Hello Mr. Yee,

   I recently purchased a humidor with the standard 'credo' humidifier filled with oasis floral foam. After reading a bunch of blogs, I decided to remove the foam and replace it with polymer crystals, a brand by the name of "Soil Moist." After reading blog after blog, I decided again to make a 50/50 solution mixing Propylene Glycol and distilled water. I then put a tablespoon of polymer crystals into the 'credo' humidifier and poured the 50/50 solution onto the crystals, waited an hour for the crystals to absorb the solution, and then put everything back together. I immediately placed the humidifier into the humidor and closed the lid. Will this system maintain 50-75 cigars at 70 percent RH in my Craftman's Bench humidor?

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Hi Joe,

Polymer beads, crystals and gel pillows are an excellent alternative to use in your humidor instead of the older generation "aqua foam". Polymer-based humidifiers are less susceptible to bacteria, hold moisture longer than floral foam and are more user-friendly.  Your polymer beads and PG solution should definitely be able to maintain your cigars at 70% RH with ease. However, when using PG solution, you may need to fine-tune your mixture until you find the perfect balance of PG and distilled water to achieve 70%. Normally 50/50 is the perfect ratio but sometimes it may be slightly off by a percent or two so monitor your humidor closely for the next 1-2 weeks and adjust your PG mixture if necessary. If the humidity is too high, add a few small drops of PG. If the humidity is too low, add a bit more distilled water. :)

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please feel free to just ask and I will be happy to help.



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