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I recently bought 2 boxes of Royal Prince Its a Boy cigars from the web.  The site did say the labels would read "Royal Princess" but I convinced myself that had to be a typo and I ordered them anyway.  I hoping you could explain to me what the significance of "Royal Princess" is so I can relay the information when I hand them out.  I like the cigars and the box they come in it just seems odd to me.

Thank you in advance.


First of all, congratulations on your new family addition! Royal Princess is a brand of cigars by a company called Victor Sinclair owned and blended by a man named Jose Dominguez out of the Dominican Republic. They are hand rolled in the Dominican Republic and made of Dominican tobaccos. The cigars are going to be medium to mild bodied in taste. They are not of the highest quality though, which probably does not matter in your case, since you are just buying them more for symbolic reasons as an American tradition.......I would always suggest in the future to not buy cigars on the web. Traditionally, you may get a seemingly good deal, but the quality and service is most likely going to be on the low end.....If you live in a populated area, you most likely have a tobacconist in your town. There is where you go to buy cigars. He or she may direct you into the best possible selections to invest your time celebrating the birth of your daughter. The cigars there will be fresh and of better quality. The brands at a tobacconist will be respected and well known. FYI, Victor Sinclair does not hold value for most true tobacconists and is mostly an online brand. I suggest you still visit your local tobacconist and celebrate with a truly high quality cigar to celebrate your daughter's birth. If you need assistance finding a true tobacconist, let me know what city you live in and I will point you into the right direction. A tobacconist is one of the last true old fashioned vocations left from yesteryear.


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