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i juste bought a remington cigar humidor. I'm trying to set it up for the first time. i set the humidity level to 70 and just to be sure i put 2 hygrometer inside, one digital and one mechanical. the 2 hygrometer inside a displaying a different reading than the machine how should i adjust that ?

Hi Maksim,

The first thing you should do is allow your hygrometers to sit in your humidor for at least several days to allow them to receive an accurate humidity reading. Depending on the placement of your hygrometer(s) and the layout of your humidor (such as the arrangement of your cigars or humidor drawers, trays and/or shelves that may obstruct humidity flow), it may take some time for your hygrometers to receive a proper reading.  

If the hygrometers continues to provide different readings, you will need to salt test them for accuracy.  To salt test your analog hygrometers, you will need the following:

- A very small dish or bottle cap
- Some regular table salt
- Distilled water
- A sealable plastic bag or container with a lid
- Your hygrometer(s)

First, take a tablespoon of salt and pour it into the small dish or bottle cap.  Add a tiny bit of distilled water and mix it together. The mixture should resemble WET SAND. Place the dish inside a plastic bag or container with your hygrometers. (DO NOT let the salt mixture touch your hygrometers as the salt water will damage them.)  Close up the bag/container and let your hygrometers sit undisturbed for 6 hours. After 6 hours, your hygrometers should read 75% humidity. If not, adjust them so that they both read 75%. Your analog hygrometer should have a knob, pin or adjustable screw on the housing that allows you to adjust the needle. Digital hygrometers all vary by make and model so check the instruction manual that came with your digital hygrometer on how to adjust it.

Your hygrometers are now fully calibrated and accurate.

I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to just ask and I will be happy to help.



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