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El Producto Queens
El Producto Queens  
I have a 30 year old factory sealed unopened box of El Producto Queens. Was told not to open it. The sealing appears to prevent humidity go in or out and I think the cigars are also individually in glass or plastic containers. I am not a smoker. Any advice appreciated. See photo attached.

The box is 50 cent cigars or less.
It is not that old - although even from the 1940s these would have little value.
This is just like a $2 bottle of wine - maybe after a 100 years it might have some collectible value but not worth drinking and this case not worth smoking.
I have restored cigars like this for fun and they were not good.
Smoke them for fun of course just so you can see for yourself.

Break the seal, put in a humidor for a year in the box and they should be fine.
Smoke them as they have little value.



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