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I had a question about longer Churchill cigars. Is there anything wrong with cutting these cigars in half and smoking the two halves separately? Would there be any flavor differences in say an 8" churchill cut in half vs. a 4" robusto?

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If you cut the cigar in half, it would taste a little different from the full length cigar. Typically as you smoke a cigar the flavor changes a bit - often you'll notice that the cigar builds a little character and strength as you smoke it. However, the taste wouldn't be dramatically different. Just be aware that when a cigar is rolled, a small amount of paste is applied to the wrapper near he head, which keeps the wrapper from unraveling. When you cut one in half, the bottom half won't have this paste so there won't be anything to hold the wrapper on the bunch. If you're willing to hold the wrapper with your fingers until the head of the cigar gets a little moist while you smoke it, you can probably deal with that. I suggest you just give it a try, smoke the bottom half first and see how it works out.

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