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Humidor Front
Humidor Front  

Humidor Inside
Humidor Inside  
I am wondering about the history/value/etc.of this humidor.  A label on the bottom identifies the manufacturer as "The H.T. Cushman Mfg. Co., N. Bennington, VT."  It has a handwritten "42" with "Instructions for Lighter," including "Use gasolene [sic] ONLY in this lighter." It is 25 inches tall and 12 inches square.  There are only the three accessories seen in the photo.  I would also be interested in how/where to acquire the missing parts of the humidor (including the official names of the parts).

Turn of the century piece
It might get more money if cigars were hot but we are in a low zone now.

Wait till the Cuban embargo lifts and you might get $1,000.
It does not have many fine details that are on more expensive antiques, like engraving or carved accoutrements.
It is pretty plain.
Pretty plain from 1700 might still be worth a lot.
This is pretty plain from 1900, not worth that much.

This is to the best of my knowledge without touching this item in person



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