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Cuban cigars should be able to be smoked right out of the box as any cigar would, correct?

Does this statement below ring true to you?

"we do recommend to allow the cigars to rest a good while before trying them, so they can become accustomed to your humidor settings as well as the long trip from Europe in varying conditions. This can distress the cigars immensely and it is not correct to presume these cigars will be 100% on arrival, they will take some time to breath and to settle in.

Lastly the boxcodes of these cigars are quite young - all roughly a year or less in age which can cause the cigars to appear harsh or not "ideal" on one's palate . A Cuban cigars typically is at its best after 3-7 years so I would hold that into account also."

Rob S.


If the cigars were properly made and aged before they were packaged as any reputable manufacturer would do, then yes they should be in perfect smoking condition straight out of the box with no aging necessary on your part.

I am no Cuban cigar expert since I live in the US and can't get them, but some Cuban cigars have the reputation of being made with poorly aged tobaccos, and this idea of aging them in your humidor may be a supplierís idea of how to overcome that. In all honesty if the tobacco wasnít cured properly, no amount of letting finished cigars age is going to overcome that.

The idea that the trip from Europe is long/harsh and that the cigars should be aged up to 7 years is ludicrous. From my perspective, it sounds like the supplier is trying to make excuses for cigars that he knows are not going to live up to your expectations. Just my opinion, but the whole thing just doesnít make sense.

In my (humble) opinion, stick with one of the hundreds of well-known brands that you know come from great manufacturers, and are going to be delightful the day you receive them.

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Have you ever heard complaints about reputable companies such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas, Hoyo de Monterrrey or Romeo y Julieta?  I ask because I have some "Cuban Cigars from these manufacturers"  One tasted of heavy perfume, two of them had okay tastes but little to no smoke production with horrible draws.  All have rested in my humidor for 3 full days before sampling again, which yielded the same results and the response I received was with in the quotes of my first question.

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It's unusual to hear complaints on those brands, unless the cigars arenít authentic. The perfume taste is a definite sign of poor quality, un-aged tobaccos.

I can't make a call on whether or not they are genuine as again, I'm no expert on Cubans. I donít deal with any of the companies that sell them, so I have no feedback on your supplier.

I suggest you take a look at this article from Cigar Aficionado - it'll at least help you determine if the packaging looks authentic.


Again, hope this helps!


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