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Cuban cigars should be able to be smoked right out of the box as any cigar would, correct?

Does this statement below ring true to you?

"we do recommend to allow the cigars to rest a good while before trying them, so they can become accustomed to your humidor settings as well as the long trip from Europe in varying conditions. This can distress the cigars immensely and it is not correct to presume these cigars will be 100% on arrival, they will take some time to breath and to settle in.

Lastly the boxcodes of these cigars are quite young - all roughly a year or less in age which can cause the cigars to appear harsh or not "ideal" on one's palate . A Cuban cigars typically is at its best after 3-7 years so I would hold that into account also."

Rob S.

It is true that most cigars are to rest in your humidor for about a week to ten days  after a long trip from Europe.....After that period, enjoy one after a nice meal with a beverage  of your choice. If the cigar is too strong in power and flavor, it needs to age longer. I would suggest 3 month intervals of rest depending on how strong the cigars is always subjective to the one enjoying the cigars on how long they should age.....some people like them right out of the box.....keep in mind that over 96% of all Cuban cigars in the world are fake.......note: that most cigars purchased from a reputable retailer are usually considered  "ready" out of the box. The blender/maker of the cigars deem a release date from the aging room as being at its optimal peak of flavor and performance.  It's up to the consumer to agree for themselves.....I hope this has been helpful to you.


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