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M J,

Cuban cigars should be able to be smoked right out of the box as any cigar would, correct?

Does this statement below ring true to you?

"we do recommend to allow the cigars to rest a good while before trying them, so they can become accustomed to your humidor settings as well as the long trip from Europe in varying conditions. This can distress the cigars immensely and it is not correct to presume these cigars will be 100% on arrival, they will take some time to breath and to settle in.

Lastly the boxcodes of these cigars are quite young - all roughly a year or less in age which can cause the cigars to appear harsh or not "ideal" on one's palate . A Cuban cigars typically is at its best after 3-7 years so I would hold that into account also."

Rob S.

In my experience of 35 years...

The cigars are fine when they arrive as most shops in Europe are better than any shop in America.

The date the cigars were put in the box is on the bottom.
Most Cuban cigars I have seen are 1 year in the box or more and that seems to be perfect. Some are younger but you risk changing the flavor aging them in a humidor for years.
The only way to age the cigars for a long time is in the original boxes; otherwise the cigars pick up the nuances of the particular humidor it is stored in.

I have smoked cigars from the fine Island nation aged out from 1 year to decades - from the 1920ís, 1930ís, 1940ís, 1950ís, 1960ís, up to today, some are good and some are bad.  Time is something determined by crop, year to year, just like fine wine.

In the year 2000 I bought 10,000 of one rare cigar that was from the crop of 1995. It was strong and spicy. By 2005 the cigars in my opinion had peaked which was 10 year from crop and 7 years in the boxes.
The cigars that were loose in my personal humidor tasted completely different than the cigars in the original boxes.
At the end of production they even put some of these cigars in plastic wrapped bundles and they were tasteless by the year 2000. This shows the importance, again, of leaving cigars in the original boxes for aging.

Final opinion
Smoke the cigars
If you have a refrigerated humidor, temperature and humidity controlled, leave them in the boxes and smoke them year to year so that you might enjoy the aging for yourself.
Vigilant has the finest temperature controlled humidors in the world.  

Smoke the best cigars in the world from Nicaragua, Padron (my choice Maduro) - 1926#9, 45th, 46th, 80th, 85th, 50th and even the less expensive Diplomatico Maduro.



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