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Cigars/cigars contamination from bacteria or fungus from humidfier


Now that I fixed the humidor and got a new humidifier, can I get the odor out of some of the cigars not directly exposed?

If some cigars smell weird you can do nothing.

Throw them out.

You must use a mold inhibitor. Most solutions available are 50/50 so use it every few months and distilled water inbetween.
Put in 2 Boveda packs to illiminate mold in a 50 cigar box. 4 boveda in a larger box with a shelve. 2 on top and 2 on the bottom.
Also if you keep the humidor in a cold place you need higher humidification like boveda 75% at 60 to 65 degrees average temp.
It is the warm summers that kill the cigars with mold though. Then you need 69% Boveda at 73 to 80 degrees average temp.
You put Boveda packs right on top of the cigars.

Also you must clean out the humidor completely to kill the bacteria - just pour some rubbing alcohol in the box and tip it around getting it everywhere. Wipe the top plus sides and dry. Leave it open in front of a fan for a few hours then start over. Put in the humidification device, the cigars and the Boveda on top of the cigars.



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