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Hi there,
I recently found a very old looking cigar box in my deceased grandfathers belongings.  I was hoping you can shed some light on how old this box is.  It is all wooden and says Travis Club Cigars Deluxe on the top and inside of the lid.  It also says Bellows Maclay Construction Co., and I believe it says Dallas, Texas under that.  On the bottom of the box, there is a State of Texas Notice on it.  Above that notice, it says "Factory No. 182 1st District Texas 25". The front of the box has what looks to be a clip or something that is for keeping the box closed, but it looks like it has a part missing.  Any idea how old this box is? I would appreciate any information.

Travis Club Deluxe.jpg
Travis Club Deluxe.jpg  

That box was made by my grandfather, probably between the 1930's - 1940's. We made a lot of custom-branded boxes for local businesses back then. I'm attaching a picture of one of the ones I have in my collection - yours should look similar to this.

Let me know if you have other questions.



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