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I have wondered when I take a couple cigars from my humidor if they will keep their quality during my travels. I have a herf-a-dor, I also have simple 2 or three finger cases - depending on the expected needs.
Can you tell me how long I may expect the humidity and quality of my sticks to last when I'm traveling for a weekend? Is there a 'best' way to transport them? In the cases I consider their life-cycle to be a day or less.

thank you


Your cigars should be fine for a couple of days without humidification unless you are going to a really dry climate (i.e. Phoenix). If you are worried about them at all, pick up a Boveda disposable humidification packet from your local tobacconist - most reputable retailers carry them. You can keep a few cigars in a zip lock bag or in your travel case with one of these packets for up to 30 days and they'll stay in perfect smoking condition. The mini Boveda pack works well for a few cigars and sells for $1, larger sizes for 20-25 cigars are $3.95.

I actually travel with my cigars in a Xikar travel case. They come in sizes that hold from 5 to 80 cigars and retail for $25 to $100. These super-durable cases are airtight, and I donít usually put any type of humidification in them, although they come with a built-in humidifier. They are so tight that I find that my cigars will easily stay fresh for a week in them with no humidification.

In case your local tobacconist doesnít have these products, we sell them on our website at

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Bill Finck Jr.


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