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I am an amateur woodworker and just made my first humidor. I used black walnut from my uncle and spanish cedar purchased from Woodcraft. I read that you are supposed to "prime" the box prior to putting cigars in it. I wiped down the inside with a clean damp sponge. I did not soak it but just got it damp. Two hrs later I opened it up and I have small black dots on the cedar and walnut. Any idea what it could be and can I get rid of it? Some posts I have read said to scrap the box but I would rather try and salvage it since my uncle gave me the wood before he passed away. Thoughts? Thank you.

Interesting. Interesting that both woods did the same thing. I'm not an expert on wood, but my wild guess it that the moisture pulled something (maybe dirt or organic micro waste) from the small pores of the wood and it expanded. It stained the wood. I don't thinks it's mold or bad for the cigars. I would let it air out and let it dry. Then use a fine grain sand paper to clean it up. Then cure the internal wood again. Not the external. ....mold is usually green or blue in color before it turns to black. Try this out and report back. I'm curious....."Good luck! Sorry for the 3 day delay, I've been extremely busy.


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