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I am a moderate cigar smoker, I’ve probably smoked less than 100 cigars in my life.  I am searching for a “repeat” of the best cigar I ever had in my life.  It was 1999 or 2000.  I got a Troya Corona Club 1 in an aluminum tube.  From my memory I think it had a darker color than the pictures I see on the internet now.  I was at a friend’s house who smoked cigarettes – he had to smoke in his garage since his wife hated the cigarette smoke.  She was pretty irked about my smoking a cigar saying ‘those things stink.’  After I lit up the Troya, my friend said that the cigar smelled really good.  His wife smelled it and came to the garage and mentioned that the cigar smelled really good.  My cigarette smoking friend said he wanted to try it and took a few puffs as you would a cigarette, fully inhaling – and not coughing so it was very smooth.  I can describe the taste/smoke as very sweet, but not artificially so.  It was awesome.

All these years later I wanted to experience this cigar again, and I managed to get a few Cuban Troyas.   It didn’t taste the same at all, and looking around the internet I discovered that it was the Troya Corona Club 2, and what I had originally was the Corona Club 1 – which is discontinued.  And doing my research I found out that the Corona Club 2 is a short fill cigar and the Corona Club 1 was long leaf, so naturally they are totally different.

Do you know of a cigar close to what I had in the Corona Club 1?  As per my description above it was very “sweet” and very aromatic.  I’m interested in both what I can get domestically here in the US and also which Cubans match this description so I could try one when I travel.

Since I don’t smoke that much, please provide a short list since I only smoke a dozen cigars a year or so, I like a 30-40 minutes smoke.

Hi David,

For Cuban cigars, the following brands are sweet and mild-to-medium bodied and will be very similar to the Troya Corona Club 1:

Romeo y Julieta Exhibition No. 4
El Rey del Mundo
Saint Luis Rey
Sancho Panza
San Cristobal de La Habana
Vegas Robaina

For non-Cuban cigars, you may find the following with a sweet and creamy flavour profile:

Avo Domaine
Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur

I hope this helps!



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