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Hi James!

I've recently become interested into cigars, so I have a question regarding aging cigars...
From what i've read you store cigars for 5-10 years, but i wonder if you can store it for 20-30 years, and does the cigar continue to age for that long?
My follow-up question to that is, since i'm aging the cigar for so long, i wanted a more expensive brand, more precisely, Cohiba (not the most expensive but still, story behind it interests me). Since it is a little expensive, i thought i would buy 1 cigar each month until i have 10-15 cigars. Since the cigars are different age, would they somehow age badly?

Thank you for your time, and sorry for the long mail.

With best regards, Daniel.

Hi Daniel,

If your humidor is properly maintained, you can store and age cigars indefinitely. However, it must be noted that when aging cigars, the cigars' flavour will amalgamate and intensify over time  but after a certain number of years, the flavour will peak and then begin to become more mellow. For most cigars, the aging peak is usually between 8-10 years. Cigar smokers that prefer a richer flavour will usually smoke their aged cigars before they peak. If you prefer a more mellow flavour, the longer you age your cigars after the aging peak, the more mellow they become.  It's fine to age cigars for 20-30 years but they will most likely be very mild and mellow by then.

In regards to your follow-up question, it's perfectly acceptable to store and age cigars of different ages together. As long as your humidor is properly maintained, all your cigars should age well.

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, please feel free to just ask and I will be happy to help.



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