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I bought my hubby a beautiful Staebell humidor for our 30th anniversary. We live in Hawaii, and humidity is intimidating! However, we've found a way to keep it manageable (and odor free) by using little dehumidifier beads contained in a plug-in units (made for closets, but work mess-free in the humidor). Hubby feels the unit could be better sealed, and asked me to research gaskets and seals. I've been working on that for a couple of hours, which brought me to your site/page. Is there a retailer that sells gaskets/seals for humidors? Or do you just go for typical refrigeration seals and cut to fit? Or is food silicon a better answer? We are not the most mechanical folks, but if you could point me in a direction, that'd be so helpful. Thanks much for your time!

ANSWER: Refrigeration dries the air.
Get a table top wine cooler, or if you have a big wine cooler, keep the cigars in there in the humidor.
A wine cooler is typically 60 degrees and 60% RH.
Set the temperature for 60 degrees and that should dry the air enough to keep the cigars stable.
Use 72% Boveda, 2 for every 25 cigars, to help keep the humidity up and they will also absorb excess humidity.
In that setting Hawaii do not keep a lot of cigars on hand unless you have a good facility for them.

Let me know how it works


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We tried the Boveda beads, but our problem is keeping the humidity DOWN. The beads could not keep up, and were quite the pain to swap out constantly. That's why we got the contained beads that could be plugged in to dry them out. These are the "Momentum SM E500 Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier" from Amazon for about 30 bucks, and they are fantastic (I don't have anything to do with them or the company that makes them - they just work so very well for us!). We wouldn't give up the humidor (3.5' x 3' of gorgeous inlaid wood, a humidifying system, etc), I just want to try to get a closer seal somehow, and was hoping you might know of a gasket/seal company specifically for humidors (or for refrigeration, but would work). We actually do keep our extra boxes of cigars in the garage wine cooler - the actual humidor is a beautiful piece of "furniture" for the house. As you can see from the photo, we run blue painter's tape down the front, to try to help keep the humidity out, as the pump inside just can't keep up on its own. I'd like to replace that with a better seal. I do appreciate your quick response! Thank you!

A humidor that needs a piece of tape down the front should be returned.

If you are going to keep a lot of cigars you must buy the best unit in my opinion.
The best I have seen -
Why Choose Vigilant Humidor?
Vigilant Inc. has long been known for our mission to provide 100% customer satisfaction, and for the premier quality of our fine wood products. All of our electronic cigar cabinets are designed and manufactured by skilled craftsmen in our own woodworking shop in Dover, NH, USA.

If you keep thousands of dollars in cigars for a long time it takes a good humidor to do the job.
$3,000 for the end table refrigerated humidor form Vigilant though I think.
No glass is the way to go as glass breaches the interior and wood holds the humidity all the way around.
Wood all the way around and a good Vigilant humidor will do the job.
Tell them you are in Hawaii and need a box that will do the job. They are the best in the industry.
Also a Vigilant humidor is a real piece of furniture that will be around for 500 years. 100 years from now your great great grand son sill take it on Antique road show and they will say;
OOOOhhh A Vigilant end table cigar humidor made out of solid walnut with curly maple inlay and Black Ebony trim from the turn of the millennium worth around $25,000.
Of course the inlay and ebony trim will cost much more if you get it...

Enjoy a good cigar  


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