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Just came across a post from 2011 regarding Wolf Bros. Crooks.  You stated that while they are gone "you" make a very similar cigar----where can I get some of these?????


You can order our White Lightning cigars at or and search for "White Lightning".

5-packs are available for just $6.50 plus $2.95 shipping if you want to try a few before you order a box.

I hope you enjoy them!


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I'm a fourth generation cigar maker and have spent 25+ years operating our factory as well as a mail order cigar company. I belong to cigar manufacturers associations as well as retail cigar associations so I'm usually up to date with current events relating to cigars. I've smoked the majority of brands on the market and would be happy to share my opinions of them with you. Since I live in the U.S. I have very little experience with Cuban cigars, but other than that I know a least a little bit about almost every brand of cigars on the market.


In addition to growing up in and now managing our cigar factory for 25+ years, I've spent time in many factories in Honduras, Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic and Mexico. BR>
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