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Can you tell me what this is? And what I should sell it for. It belonged to a 96 year old man that just passed away.

Hello Angelina, this is not a humidor for cigars. It is a pipe station/valet. The drawer and box are there for the purpose of storing the pipe tools and  accoutrements. I'm uncertain of the retail value, but it certainly looks nice. My guess on value, because it's unique and specialized, probably imported from Asia, would be a retail value of $150-$200. Could be more if it's signed by an artist. It doesn't look to be a mass produced item. Pipe smoking is not very popular now a days, so finding the right buyer will be tough. Finding one in your market may be tougher. I suggest you go to your local tobacconist and see if he is interested in buying it from you. Selling this online via eBay may be an option too. Shipping will be a bit more due to its size and delicate craftsmanship.  


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