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Bill wrote at 2009-02-13 19:10:23
The Front Street shop is now closed.  I purchased a box from The Cigar Emporium a little down the street and while the store looked nice, and reputable, the box they originally offered had been opened and re-sealed (the habanos corner sticker was torn but the paper seal on the front wasn't, don't know what the proper name is, looks sort of like a tax stamp)so it makes me wonder.

Bill Patrick wrote at 2009-02-16 22:20:42
There is no longer a Casa Del Habanos store at

24 Front Street in Phillipsberg St.Maarten.

I was there 2 weeks ago and sadly dissappointed

to be informed by store owners next door and across the street that it closed down for good about 3 months ago.

   There is another store at 63 or 65 Front Street called Cigar Emporium which sells genuine

Cubans.However,I was not impressed with their prices,nor the fact that most of their cigars that I looked at had very dry leaf due to the fact that they don't have a sealed off walk in humidor.The cigars were all on display in one large open room,which had 1 or 2 Humidifier machines hear and there which just wasn't cutting it in terms of keeping the cigars in good and healthy form.

 I did find a great place on the same street

that did sell great genuine Cubans(with a proper sealed walk in humidor)about a minutes walk

down the street from cigar emporium.It's on the opposite side of the street from the cigar emporium.The store sells Liquor very cheap,tabacco,and the humidor is at the very back of the store next to the cash out area.

Bought some limited edition(2004)Cohiba Sublimes

at a steal.2 for 33 bucks!And brother let me tell

ya,they were the most amazing Puros I've had since being in Cuba itself last year!

Sam Wants Some Cubans wrote at 2009-03-10 23:50:33
Is any one out there familiar with "Mack" at Sunrise Gift Shop or he also has Marks Tabacco online?  I've been trying to buy cigars from him and it seems a little fishy and I'm not sure they are real Cuban cigars.

Sam. K wrote at 2014-11-10 05:40:06
On my one week vacation to St.Maarten, I went to the same store CIGAR EMPORIUM located @ Front Street # 66, Unit - 1, as they no longer have LCDH in town. They claim to be largest cigar store in the caribbean, to my surprise it was one of the biggest store for cigars which included dominican and cuban. They had A.Fuente, Opus X, Davidoff, Bellos, Macandu in Dominican selection which I saw. They also had Rocky Patel and Padron. They had there cuban cigars upstairs and all cigars I checked was nicely moist. I on my first day I smoked a Montecristo No. 2 which has been rated the top cigar by CA for the year 2013. I was offered cuban rum on the house. I found out they also had a very nice smoking lounge with free wifi. Trust me after a long time I have smoked a cigar so good, which went all the way down till I literally burnt my finger. Their cuban rum was also exceptional as I didn't had to mix anything with it and it complimented the cigar very well. On my second day I smoked their Cohiba, which I was not sure about since its over priced and very hard to get a genuine one. "Oh my god" it was the smoothest cigar I have ever had, it was Cohiba Siglo VI, although it got towards the end but I throughly enjoyed it. On my third day I wanted something lighter so their friendly staff suggested me Cohiba Behike 52, this was even smoother than Cohiba Siglo VI, but was extremely light. I got to meet the owner of the store on that particular day and we became friends. He showed how the seals have changed and how to verify boxes. I got a box and was very pleased with the quality. I will always recommend this store to all my friends.   

**They had a single humidification machine kept upstairs and downstairs but extremely powerful one. The upstairs where they have most of their cigars had a machine which works 24/7 and I am telling you'll so surely because I stayed in the island for a week and got friendly with the owner and he showed me the temperature of the room and humidification level, although they have a open walking humidor but they surely know their business.  


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