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Buckeye1 wrote at 2009-06-23 23:16:08
Puroexpress, sells fake Cuban cigars. SHADE-BALL COMPANY! SERIOUSLY, SAVE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE! Dont waste hard earned money on there low quality products and unprofessional cigar construction. Puroexpress cigars are NOT AUTHENTIC CUBAN CIGARS NO WAY, NO HOW! DO NOT DEAL WITH PUROEXPRESS, PUREXPRESS.COM OR CIGAREXPORT.COM UNLESS YOU WANT FAKE CIGARS.  There are much better cigars available than the fakes PUROEXPRESS.COM send to me, even cigars available for way less money than puro's "duty-free" prices.

Whatever wrote at 2009-07-19 16:59:16
That is so true. Me and my friends ordered couple of times at puroexpress and the cigars all taste the same way and it is fake.

You can try for yourself but its just money wasted. I am kinda surprised that it isn't widely known. SO many ppl still claim they're real.

They make good counterfeits that's true.

AK Smoker wrote at 2009-10-09 00:11:24
I was excited that Puroexpress was willing to ship "genuine cuban cigars" to the United States.  However, upon receiving my box of cigars my excitement quickly turned to disappointment.  

The first odd thing that I noticed while examining the box was that the box was sealed but was not entirely closed.  Opening the box explained why.  

The cigars were a larger ring size than what the box was made for.  They were so tightly packed that it was difficult to remove the first cigar.  

Doing so revealed that because the cigars were so tightly compacted that they looked as if they were square box pressed which Montecristo number 3's are not.  

In addition,  the stamp on the bottom of the box as well as the habanos label did not match other boxes of genuine cubans that I have purchased in the past while traveling out of the country.  Any one of these facts proves beyond any reasonable doubt that these are counterfeit cigars but the real test is the quality of the cigars.  Sloppy caps and wrappers and a green taste that burns the tongue and throat.  

I also have to be suspicious that the Puroexpress is located in the

Canary Islands and the cigars ship from Switzerland.    

Save your money.

berndog wrote at 2009-10-15 03:07:30
Hi Guys,

I just received my first order from Puro Express and I can tell you that the Cohiba Siglo III's are FAKE.  I have travelled the world and smoked authentic cuban cigars in spain on several occasions.  Don't buy cigars from Puro.  That being said, the Montecristo's that came with the cohibas look and taste real, but my suspicions remain due to the obviously fake Cohibas.  I have a friend who has had good experiences with Puro and has been buying from them for several years and is happy.  So buyer beware.

youngfool wrote at 2009-10-17 20:01:40
Hey berndog, what makes you belive they're counterfit?  Let them sit in your box six months or a year, see how you feel.  Regardless, if you're not satisfied return them and they'll refund your money.

youngfool wrote at 2009-10-19 02:11:32
And just to follow up, my experience with puroexpress, except for some dammaged monty A's, has been superb.  I have sampled over 20 different vitolas of at least 10 labels from puroexpress and all have shown the distinctive characteristic of their brand. Never tasted anything close from non cuban production.

AK wrote at 2010-02-25 18:57:59
TO all of you that claim fakes - just don't order from Puro.....

That leaves more inventory for me !

rbry wrote at 2010-03-09 14:58:19
I have bought from Puro for years and like previously stated, if you think they are fake do not buy this way when I do what I want will be in stock.  I understand people taking the time to make fake Cubans but there are so may off brands sold that to take this much time to make something that most people will never buy goes against all logic.  I just received a box of Partagas Culebras, to think that someone would go out of their way to make fake little wooden coffins for the cigars as well as the cigars for something that is not a top seller is a little out there

FrankieFour wrote at 2010-05-13 15:23:51
Hi, I just ordered last week a 3-pack of Cohiba robustos from Puroexpress that were, no doubt about it, the real deal. I had one of them yesterday and no cigar in the world can beat that taste of the three step fermentation process. I have been fooled before with a esplendido box and you could tell just by looking at them that they were fake, the ring, the box the, lock, the seal. Everything. If Puro's cigar would be fake I would taste it mediately. Simply because I have a great sense of taste and palette and I have smoked a couple of hundred cigars. And at last I agree with rbry above that who insane person would put so much time and effort to do something to look and taste so close to the real thing? If it taste that good. I could live with the fake. Thanks for the word.

Kapred wrote at 2011-02-11 07:07:32
It makes me laugh that people claim FAKES! and then mention that the stamps or seals were different, stamps etc. The seals were recently changed 2009 and continued to use those seals until supply ran out & then switched to new seals. so some older boxes will have different seals. So different seals are not a good indicator of fakes unless you know when they were made.Why don't these people ask for money back. It states 100% satisfaction Guaranteed. I have never had a problem & the box barcodes can be verified on Habanos stamp verification website.I guess that leaves more inventory for me!!!.

Torpedo wrote at 2011-05-24 23:53:11
Puro opens all boxes for damage and bugs that is why the boxes are hard to close I have ordered over 50 boxes from them the experts in my area confirm they are for real so all you experts out there put that in your pipe and smoke it

Rokit Sceintist wrote at 2011-07-26 03:15:16
To all of you who disparage Puroexpress, please consider this: I have ordered the same brand and size of Cuban cigars from Hong Kong too, and found them to be identical to my orders from Puro in every respect except the date stamp on the bottom of the boxes. Seals, labels everything intact.  Puroexpress is the best cigar company I have ever done business with. They ship promptly, descretely, and if your order happens to get pinched by the cigar nazis, like mine did, then they refund your payment without any hassle whatsoever.  I have ordered every brand from Cohiba to Vegas Robaina without any suspicions.  As the Gentleman below commented, why would anyone go to the trouble to manufacture the boxes, print the labels and then stuff the boxes with fakes?  There cannot be enough money in it for anyone, anywhere.  I am about to pull the trigger on another order to Puro for some Upmann No.2's and my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Go for it Guys, it's a safe bet.

Professor Folly, the Cigar smoking Rokit Sceintist

Spike wrote at 2011-08-30 05:00:27
I have never ordered from Puro, but have from many other suppliers. Over the years I have suspected some of the cigars I received to be fakes - very good ones. Then I went to Cuba and purchased cigars from the Partagas factory - if I didn't get them from the factory I would have suspected one of the boxes to be fake. The taste, draw and color were all off. The reality is that they are all hand made and there will be some variance roller to roller, month to month & year to year. From what I read I will likely give them a shot.

guitpicky wrote at 2012-06-26 14:14:35
I ordered 4-3 packs, Cohiba, Partagas, H Upman, and Romeo Juliet as a test. The only smokables were the Cohibas, the rest were BAD. It should never be mandatory to age premium cigars, the basics of that process should be completed already. I will never order another cigar from puroexpress. Some unwrapped while smoking, some tunneled badly and went out, taste was between cat whiz and wet caracole. I wont argue authenticity, but puroexpress sold me some very, very bad cigars.

Pyramid wrote at 2012-08-15 02:54:19
PuroExpress is completely legit.  I have ordered dozens of boxes through them and they have always arrived promptly and in excellent condition.  The cigars are 100% Cuban.  I have smoked monte's, vegas, and partagas all over the world and these are exactly the same cigars I smoke in Europe.  Distinctive Cuban-grey ash (white ash is indicative of fakes)  Don't let the trolls fool you.  I had 2 boxes snagged by customs and they re-shipped the same order immediately after confirmation.  The best place, BY FAR, to get cubans from the net.

Elpingu wrote at 2014-08-27 02:20:13
Extremely disappointed with puroexpress. I am in no way an expert but have smoked several quality CUBAN cigars to determine that my shipment was a counterfeit. STAY AWAY!

Elpingu wrote at 2014-08-27 02:20:18
Extremely disappointed with puroexpress. I am in no way an expert but have smoked several quality CUBAN cigars to determine that my shipment was a counterfeit. STAY AWAY!

Manokea wrote at 2015-11-19 14:15:01
For all you weekend smokers that are just trying to impress your friends by busting out the Cubans, think about this. I have never received a suspect shipment from Puro. That said, REAL smokers know that the most counterfeited Cubans are Cohiba and Monte's. Try buying a lesser known Name brand that are, in my opinion, just as tasty or even better like Bolivar, San Cristibal (The brand that most Cuban Professionals and the older Cuban Gents who can smoke anything enjoy), or even Punch or Romeo & Julieta in a tube. Let others like "Duty Free Cuban Cigars" counterfeit the cigars and bands. Let them try and make the perfect tubes that Puro sends. Tell me who would go to the trouble to fake all the less popular brands. Find the one you like and smoke it. Its like wine, everyone's taste is a little different.


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