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Hello Thayr, I am a dance choreographer for our local church-we are wanting to have a circus themed children's program for our 4 night summer program.  We have jugglers, clowns but would like to have some acrobatics, just very simple.  Is there a site or DVD, book that you could suggest to help us in this adventure.  Only one of our youth is a trained gymnast.

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Ashley Clinton

While watching videos and learning from books and websites could prove beneficial, I would instead recommend having a trained person to be there with students while starting to learn even simple acrobatics. I would recommend contacting a local gymnastics center and seeing if they have an instructor for hire for your program. If the facility is nearby you could utilize it, otherwise perhaps the instructor could come to you and bring some panel-mats, crash mats, backhand-spring wedges, etc...

You could also put the word out via paper or a site such as Craigslist that you're looking for a gymnastics coach/circus acro coach, perhaps you'll find someone in your area.  

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Thayr has been touring and performing since the age of 10. Thayr excelled in the circus arts under the expert tutelage of performers from the Romanian State Circus. Thayr's interest in circus involves Rolla-Bolla Balance, Aerials, Juggling, Unicycle, Stilts, Acrobatics and Comedy. Thayr is also an accomplished stunt-man, having worked on numerous Hollywood films and TV shows (


At a young age I started touring with my parents, musicians and artists, working at various festivals and Renaissance Faires. I was enamored with the entertainers and street performers and over the years befriended many of them and began to learn the trade. I eventually came to a point in my studies that I sought out a performance school. After considering many schools I choose a course with the Academy of Circus Arts in England. I excelled under the tutorage of Romanian State Circus performers, Gheorge Tache and Marius Ionescu. I now continue to practise, perform, and refine my skills in the performance arts.

Academy of Circus Arts, England.
The Aerial Classroom, Los Angeles CA.
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