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My question is whether the way my attorney charge me is reasonable and it is more or less how attorney charged.?
I hired an attorney for a civil case. I was told the fee is per hour rate. Below are some example fee charged by my lawyer:
1. Draft letter for hearing ------ 0.3 hr
2. draft letter to client----------0.1 hr
3. prepare and mail letter to client -- 0.1hr
4. telephone conference wiyh client ---0.1 hr
5. receipt and review email

This is my first time working with an attorney.
I personally think sending notification letter to me, preparation and mailing letter, reading emil should be part of the service and should not charge client extra. I could be wrong.

Many thanks in advance for all your help!

Hello Amy,

Before I respond further to your question, I must make clear that I do not represent you, and cannot give you individual particularized legal advice. No attorney client relationship is created by this email. For legal advice, you should hire your own attorney, and follow their advice. My role with AllExperts is limited to providing general information and suggestions for educational or general knowledge purposes. Before you take any action, consult with your own attorney.

In my state, the rules regarding the reasonableness of attorney's fees are regulated by the rules made and implimented by a state board.  (See  Here, the subject of the reasonableness of an attorney's fees are regulated by Rule 1.5 of the Rules of Professional Conduct(  One factor in determining whether a fee is reasonable is the time required.  (See Rule 1.5(a)(1)).

Personally, I think its completely reasonable for a person to be paid for their time, and I don't see anything odd or excessive about six minutes to write a letter.  I apply similar charges to my clients for my work, and to my knowledge my local colleagues do likewise.

Depending on the rules in your state, and the language of your particular fee agreement with your attorney the fee you are being asked to pay may or may not be reasonable.  I suggest you consult your state's board or similar agency if you wish to obtain a particular answer or advice.

I hope this helps, good luck to you.

Morgan Smith
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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