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took my chysler seabring to a repair shop for oil leaks. a valve cover gasket and a oil pan gasket. they blew my engine and "told " me that they had a replacement ordered and not to worry it was no charge casue their mistake. promises me it would be done the next day. took a week. and first time I went to pick up wouldn't start. was told that the "kid" broke my starter and they thought they fixed it. would  put a new one in tomorrow. the next day went to pick up and check engine light was on. so I told them to  fix it. they said they had to get  the dist from my car. will do tomorrow. the next dat went to get car and it ran horrible  reved at 3 at idle. gas pedal haed to push. loss of power and jerking took it to a new mechanic who said the  motor mounts wee broke and didst was ful of oil. can I recover my rental car for the week they had it and the cost to repair  and analyze it  after it left the shop.

Hello suzanne,

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A reasonable measure of damages in a civil suit is the amount of money it would take to put you back in the position you would have been in had the wrongful deed not occurred.  So, if you prevail in a suit against the shop for negligence and/or breach of their express or implied warranty, the damages a judge or jury might award you could include your rental car costs as incidental damages.

I suggest that you confer with an attorney licensed to practice in your area to help you prepare and deliver your case.

I hope this helps, good luck to you.

Morgan Smith
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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